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Where to find peace

Yesterday someone asked me SV where to find peace, I said, my friend peace is something which you have to create, you cannot discover outside, each individual has to create their own peace, outside you, you will find turmoil or chaos, ideologies, perceptions, thoughts, me, mine or I, but for peace you to have embark on the journey of discovery, no meditation center or holistic point will create peace for you, they can guide you but ultimately you have to find,

Peace is like nature

But our problem is, we are involved with our mind and its turmoil so much that we are unable to hear the voice within which is saying to have peace, so how can I enjoy the sense of peace when I am not even ready to listen to the voice, you exist in the mind and its chaos and not in the peace where you want to exist and discover peace, nothingness, let mind rest and realize the truth, stopping self from going merry-go-round in search of peace and creating war of mind and minds,

Flight of thoughts over paceful mind

It has always been within you since childhood, just that as we grow we cover that beautiful voice with our growth and outside world, restricting that voice to reach us, forgetting completely its existence and then spending to discover it within,


Stay blessed,

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