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We will be aged parents too

Why are we such poor and miserable people in giving love and time to the people who have sacrificed their life for the betterment of ours, No person can replace parents love, they are our pillars of strength, they are the ones who are always there at our side to take care of us, As they grow old they need more care as well as love, however its surprising to see the number of old age homes coming up,

A visit to any old age home is so emotional when you look at those elderly faces still hoping that one day their children will visit the home and take them along,

Why are we running away from responsibilities, isn’t it time to wake up, to understand to care for them and help them only then can they be saved, We just need to give them a little time with

When the parents help the children take their first steps to grow up why cannot the children help their parents take their last steps?

It’s our responsibility to take more care of our Visible Gods and spend more time with them
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