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Trees and Goodness

Many a times fellow travelers have asked, SV, what does tree benefit with when it shares everything from seed, fruit, leaves to its wood, well, a seed give rise to a tree which adore fruits, leaves, wood and also gives shade from the heat, if we think deep, the one who shares never perishes, the goodness of sharing always exist and spread to the world across,

The one who shares never perishes...

The birds, insects or human who take benefit from tree knowingly or unknowingly spread the seeds across length and breath, so the quality and inheritance of tree never dies, it spreads, giving birth to more trees, more fruits and more shade, and the goodness of soul never perishes, legacy of goodness continues and for the same trees flourish even in desert because they give and care,

We are nature...respect each other beauty...

Accumulation has end but sharing is endless, we can be exorbitant but cannot be eternal,

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