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Quarantine,Stress and you

We all are trying in our own way to stay healthy and also are being updated and informed through social media do's and don't like washing your hands, social distancing, remaining hydrated, having healthy diet etc,

Quarantine is not stress

Among all the above we unknowingly call for the stress of staying healthy, we are over flooded with awareness messages about health values while some make us rightly aware and some do not,

Somewhere we ignore our stress and how important it is to take care of mental health because it is directly related to our immune system too, ignoring mind is ignoring well-being,

How to keep health?
Mental health and stress

I would love to listen from beautiful soul around world how they are trying to reduce stress and keep their mental health, when the environment is all about anxiety and worries,

Let us spread good news and positivity also, faith over blessed and be safe everyone out there 🙌🙌

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