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How to Meditate?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We all have been trying to meditate, the common/basic question I come across are:

  • I am lost,

  • How to do it,

  • What to meditate on,

  • How to be in state of silence,

  • There is so much going in mind,

  • How to be thoughtless,

  • Mind is in chaos,

  • How to focus and start and so on,

The answers are simple, you all must have seen a small kid, when kid learns to walk, he falls then stand again and then falls but he never gives up until he learn to walk,

We give up, we give up on our patience and time, we desire for instant answer, type on google and answer is there, life is not google, but life is all about patience, practising and progress for better self, first you learn to walk in baby step, then only you will learn to run or leap,

Stay blessed always

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