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How can I be awaken soul?

We all have our own awakenings but at times we ignore those messages within us, due to the life path we are into and following,

Gautam Buddha, his father knowing the fact that his son might become ascetic, didn't allowed Buddha to leave palace and one fine day when he finally left the palace for first time,

His famous four noble sightings, an old man, a sick man, a corpse and an ascetic, the four sights made his soul awakened to soul purpose and got his enlightenment, followed by his actions to that awakening,

Truth is always within

He took seven years after those sighting to be awaken of his existence within, but he took step forward,

The journey is same, no matter how confined and comfortable you are in the palace of thoughts but when you really step forward beyond that palace, you discover peace and happiness,

Action is superior to inaction, same way is our body, which is a temple to our soul and to nourish our soul, we need to perform those actions which not only create smile in us but also resonate the same outside,

Like Buddha, even if He was confined to palace, but finally it happened, if we have passion and heart behind our life purpose, the path will always be made, no matter how many obstacles one has, but let the path be for good to your soul and to others,

Whole life, we keep thinking how can i be awaken soul or awaken to our purpose, how can i find my life purpose, and so many questions but do we really try to find that PEACE within, do we, tell me,

Awakening is never from outside to inside

Have always faith in yourself and believe in you, the solution to all our problems are in us, just need to discover them and have that awakening of yourself,

Devaan Bhaavyataaneyna tey deva bhaavyantoo vah: paraspar bhavyantah shreyah paramvaapasyatha, means "With this do you nourish the Gods and the Gods shall nourish you, thus nourishing one another shall attain the highest good",

Stay blessed

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