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For every No of now, future Yes is waiting

The other day I was in discussion with my dear friend Pujariji around 10 PM, we were sharing our thoughts on Divine and His blessings (Spiritual discourse) and it went for another one hour or so, couldn't remember,

The next day in the evening I received a call from one of my friends Milindji (he came from another city for some work) and he asked me "Guruji, can we meet today" I said"son, the meeting is not in my hand, as per God wish and message we will meet" I blessed him for everything and disconnected the call,

At around 10 PM same day, I received a call from my friend Pujari ji, "Guruji, Milind health situation is very critical, please go and meet him and heal him if possible"

As soon as Pujari ji call was disconnected, Milind called, "Guruji, please help me", the divine in me said to him" don't worry I am on my way and by the time I will reach you, you will be absolutely fine, sending you healing energies"

By God grace by the time I reached, he recovered,

Although the events that happened was very common but the message behind this event was clear and beautiful,

No matter even if we say No or Yes to anything or anybody, but God has its plan and HE will at some point of time bring us across No or Yes if we say No, the hidden Yes will some way or other in some situation will stand right infront of us and so is with Yes,

Before we say Yes or No, we should always remember and answer in such a way, that we are ready for present Yes and future No, we need not be guilty or in catch 22 situation when that No arrive,

Always think and speak, stay blessed

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