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Follow the guidelines and be safeby Ravibabu Rajendran

Thanks so much !First of all Covid 19 has been a story of the world by now.....! Its all of us are affected all over....

My Heart Goes to all those families who either have lost a loved one old or young age immaterial... But the void left by them is very difficult to be replaced....

However ... In our family network not many affected...but couple of them gone due to Covid ... In my family so far by Gods infinite grace ...we have been safe ....

Follow the guidelines of COVID

My general suggestion is what the whole medical world says ....

  1. Wear Mask ( N 95)

  2. Sanitize hands and face frequently.

  3. Inhale steam as often as possible

  4. Mix lots of spice in dishes like turmeric powder..dry ginger powder...pepper powder...boiled onions ...boiled or raw garlics .. to boost up immunity..

  5. Go for a vaccine if you still lack confidence..

Let me sincerely wish and pray for all the world populace especially where there has been an occurrence of second wave and spike in cases...

God bless all ! God Save all..! Lets adopt and follow all safety measures as advised by medical and government health departments from time to time... Stay indoors . . Work from home... Avoid going out and crowd..

Take Care ! Stay safe ! Stay healthy all..!

Ravibabu Rajendran

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