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Ego and Intelligence

Updated: May 10, 2019

Other day someone asked, did intelligence create ego, well, ego is always there and ego as ego becomes strong, it starts to surround our intelligence like layers and we never be able to understand when our intelligence and ego merged,

Intelligence is like a rose-flower, ego is like a rock, and if you want to survive, then you have to become rock-like strong, impenetrable, invulnerable and strong enough not to be attacked from outside in any phase but this will also make you a closed system, locked, surrounded, and we start dying as far as our intelligence is concerned, because intelligence open space, needs the open sky, the wind, the air, the sun in order to grow, to expand, to flow, to remain alive it needs a constant flow; if it becomes stagnant it becomes slowly a dead phenomenon, just like a seed, its needs al five elements to grow.

So watch out for your ego, which is invisible, unknown and we will never be able to know when we crossed our intelligence and become impermeable to self,

Stay blessed,

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