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Dirt on the soul

Sometimes I just go blank while writing and it becomes difficult to recollect my thoughts and get them streamlined, but I think that's how life goes, at times we do not see a way out there and feel lost in our own woven net, a couple of months back I was invited by a couple of sages to witness a Yajna (Holy ritual with mantras and shlokas), the Yajna was to start at around 2 AM on the banks of the river, I reached there and sat with the sages discussing life in general,

I still had one hour to witness the Yajna, so I took a walk around, silent beautiful night, the umbrella of stars above and the beautiful sound of the river flowing was like music to ears,

As I walked around, I completely forgot that I have a different motive to be here and suddenly a tap on my back and saw one of the sage saying, come on let's start, the Yajna started and I was there listening and witnessing the beautiful shlokas and the rhythm with which they were chanting, in the night the sound was like fire, but a mystic,

As the night passed, I could feel the aroma of the sacred fire and sacred smoke from the Havana touching me from a distance, as I sat and was witnessing the process,

I felt the sacred smoke and music of mantra chants in my ears was cleansing the soul from the dirt spots which we are cover up with, and the thought, it is always possible to remove the dirt from the materialistic things but it is always difficult to remove the spots from one self,

We must have seen needle million of times, can we use the needle if knot is there in the thread, we cannot use it with a needle, or if there is a cyst in the body, it is painful and we remove that cyst to have peace,

The same way we have anger, ego, lust, greed as knots or dirt on our soul, which if we can remove, will attain eternal peace of mind,

We do not want unhappiness but we always welcome and do the work which invites unhappiness with all happiness, then also we expect to stay away from moments of turmoil and unhappiness,

We keep on searching for happiness entire life and always have a feeling of devoid, missing something or the feeling of completeness, this completeness can be only achieved when we understand what is important for us and what is not,

Have you seen kite, even if the wind is for or against it, it fly, what important is the thread which we carry in our hand and control the kite, irrespective of wind direction, same way life, we should control the mind irrespective of motivations we get along the life path and let our soul move freely in air without any burden,

The flight we are taking in this world is until the time we are being blessed, let that blessing be always with you,

Thinking all above, a ray of light from the sun touched us and I could see the rays touching the silent water and water glowing like diamond pieces, the birds started to chirp and so do other sounds of life, we all got up doing Pranam/Namaskar to Divine and a night of peace, love, and happiness was giving way to the new day of hope, dreams, and desires,

Stay Blessed:)

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