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Crying and Joy of life

Have you ever witnessed and thought, we are born crying and if we do not cry, doctors try their best to make kid cry (how ironical) so the lungs are inflated and deflated with oxygen and child can adjust to the environment outside mother,

Love is eternal...

And later on when we merged to eternity, then also, if some near dear ones doesn't cry, doctors or loved ones try their best to make them cry, how ironical again, why, because, it might be possible, not crying can accumulate emotions which might create health problems,

Another scenario, between birth and merging, we start with crying and end up making others cry, in between the two points lies the journey of happiness, smiles and joy,

Could it not be possible, we keep on remembering this fact of crying and creating smiles all around, before one point meet another, think...

Smile is eternal....

This is true life, life of laughter, love and living...enjoy and stay blessed

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Spiritual Veda
Spiritual Veda
Dec 16, 2019

Beautifully expressed the process of life and NDE, and truth is simple, we arrive alone and will go alone, empty handed, only thing which remains is how we are remembered, stay blessed my dear friend @gary payne


Gary Payne
Gary Payne
Dec 08, 2019

A long time ago was pondering the question of birth and its connection to death. Many people claim when experiencing a near death experience they see their whole life flash before them but in reverse. This culminates in the arrival at a place they describe as a long dark tunnel. That they can hear familiar voices calling to them. It is at this point that they are returned to the body.

This is what came to me. What they are experiencing is the start of their life. The computer much like our brains stores the most recent memories the nearest to our conscious life with the memories stored chronologically upon the disc. When you format a hard drive it always…

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