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Connecting link of happiness

Continuing from my Mandleshwar trip, I met a person at Gupteshwar Mahadev, an ancient temple of Lord Shiva. I don't know why I greeted him and we instantly struck a chat. He was a simply clothed man. I asked him the reason he was there. He said, he had a wide network of business back home, but still he was not happy and was missing something he couldn't fathom. So, he had embarked upon this journey of self-discovery culminating into that visit. he told that he had been traveling for the last 10 days, absolutely unconnected with his business and friends network. No business calls, nothing, just him, himself and that journey of his.

Connecting link to happiness with life

We spend a lot of time in searching for happiness. some have the habit of poring over numerous books providing insight and tips on how to stay happy. Others explore places, or connect with nature, but more you try to find happiness, more it will go away from you. The more you push yourself hard in search of happiness, harder it will become to find.

No book ever had the formula of being happy

We all have different meanings of happiness. Some find in being with friends and family, some find it in materialistic things, some find it in personal success and career, but happy life doesn't mean that you have happy moments throughout the day. It means whatever moments you live, they should provide you peace and calmness.

The friend of mine above said, "I have been working whole life. First I was a son to my parents, then I had sons. First I was married, later I tried and found match for my kids, first my Dad was businessman and I was a kid enjoying life, later I was a businessman and my kids were enjoying. So, the whole life I worked and searched for happiness by doing my duties properly. I thought I would be happy getting business established, or once my kids have high salaried job, or when my kids get married, and so on, but at the back of the mind there was vacuum, like something is missing."

We just need to hold the life with love and care

He said, that one day, he came across a sage, who was also a traveler, who invited me to embark upon a journey. "I don't know why I said yes, but yes I did, and started. The more I traveled, more I felt at peace and could find the connecting link of happiness within me and the outside world."

Happiness can only be attained when you are connected to yourself and the divine, and having least expectation from anyone, as your expectations increase with your desires. when you desire you work more for it, push yourself. When your desire is not met, you shift side from being happy to being sad. Happiness is always there in you, just that we cover ourselves and drift away from our own happiness.

Dont get distracted...

We should understand that everything or anything is always not meant for us. Like everything available in the market cannot be bought at home. Life is also similar. Do your allotted duties as mother, father, brother, sister, son, friend, and while performing these duties we can explore happiness within ourselves. Remember, the only keeper of your happiness is you.Let not others have the power to control your smile, your words and your attitude,

Always remember the moments of happiness you had undergone or witnessed when you feel you are drained. If you are happy within, your happiness will spread like meditating aroma, enchanting others with your love and peace. We can discover peace even when we are surrounded.

Happiness is like lotus...should blossom even in dirt

The conversation with my friend above made me learn many aspects of life and how small events of life can change your perception. I hugged and thanked him for sparing time to discuss. I had to move ahead, so also he. We parted ways to tread on our path of our choice, towards a new journey of exploration and finding inner peace and happiness.

Enjoy the moments and stay blessed

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