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Being at home longer time

A dear friend of mine messaged me Veda its good that offices and major public places are shut for time, and we are asked to be at home or work from home, but don't you think being at home for longer time might cause frustration, depression and boredom, a unknown chaos will set in with each one if it carried for long,

Is not a pain but pleasure
Work from home

I smiled and said my dear friend, how beautiful the design is, in our chase we keep on running for money, bread and butter and never stop to see for whom we are doing all this, now is the chance to be with your loved ones, spent quality time with them, listen to your kids, wife, husband or parents and friends, read books, play games, have fun,

We have been given a opportunity to connect with each other and strengthen our relation with more love and care, bonding with each other, playing games with kids, love and laughter,

family joy and love

Do we take it as boredom or frustration? the important aspect is we all should not panic and stay calm,

do not run to over store the day to day supplies, world is not ending and nor you,

Just enjoy the stay and be assured it is a time given for bonding and love among human, to care and to love,

Onus is our how we walk, walk with joy or walk with chaos...relax, breathe and enjoy the coffee with love...

Expect some good news on corona virus after 30th March,Stay blessed

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