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Are we stuck in our mind...

Taking ahead, sometime I think (see started thinking) that worst place we can be is in our own head, but why, because most of the time we are either stuck in past or future but never into present, we are in labyrinth of our memories and time,

Why cant be just quit thinking and take a leap from the thoughts we are stuck in, is it so difficult to realize or once in labyrinth we never know we are in loop and keep thinking investing time over and again,

The Chicken or Egg...

Keeping it simple, isn't life about flowing, so what we have in our hands, i think change, change the way we see and create perception, trying to go beyond those thoughts and witnessing how beautiful the life is, chances of life surviving can only happen when we break the egg from inside and not from outside, just think..

Ok, enough for now as I also need a break from thinking of writing here before I get stuck :)... to be continued...

Stay Blessed

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