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Abilities, Self and Butterfly

Updated: May 10, 2019

I got an opportunity to work with spastic and CP (cerebral palsy) kids few years back, for six month or so, was entirely a new learning for me, which not only made me learn patience although I am patient of patience but still it tranquilized the leftover turmoil in my mind and soul,

We fear to accept the truth and that's the beauty of human, we know the facts but still we deny or ignore it, rather we should accept the facts and work towards them to evolve as more better human, a journey from caterpillar to butterfly, coming out of shell,

So back to the school, the kids are pure form of Divine, problem is us, our education and awareness about them, they are the kids with communication gap between their mind, body and soul, but tell me don't we normal human go out of sync and behave erratic, they cant be trained and taught but we human go reverse from butterfly to caterpillar and from there to our shell or cocoon,

More we grow in maturity more we close our door to learning and more we become stubborn to accept change or open to an idea of learning from kid or younger to us, but we forget that we also traveled from same path, footprints can be seen if one rewind our life,

While playing and enjoying with the kids I felt, why they are treated deferentially and why their parents are unable to accept the fact they have special needs, like we, when out of sync we visit doctors, therapist and healers, so are we not differently-abled or are we not requiring special attention at times in life,

More we understand ourselves and accept the change, more the bridge between human will become short and finally merge, I love those kids and I love everyone, the kids do not have ego, caste, creed or sect, for them everyone is kid and anyone is their friend,

So does it mean, our knowledge is our weapon against us or we sometime just refuse to accept, if we are served with truth, given that emotions have evolved to help us. a significant way in which you define yourself has to do with your ideals, ambitions, and what you value, your ideal self is what you aspire to be; the best that you think you could or should be, and often this ideal comes from social comparisons.

Your sense of self is constantly measuring itself against your ideals and coming to various conclusions, if you measure up, you feel good, excited, and even elated, if you don't measure up you may feel depressed, or ashamed, our self-esteem is determined to a great degree by your own comparison of your sense of self to your ideal self.

While learning and communicating if we let our child take front foot, our lot of problems will be solved without any extra effort, each one of us is unique and no one is differently-abled but all are able deferentially, everyone has their own fragrance and that fragrance combine form a beautiful garden,

Just need to give space, care and love to each other to blossom and accept each other beauty as we are,

I had a good experience and kids taught me lot about life, how to deal with it and management of emotions, awareness of emotions and how to take care of oneself if journey is not going your way,

It was sad moment for me to say adieu to those beautiful souls whom I still visit and share their time with my life, we human always are in search of quest whether God exist or not, but I think they should ask, whether really human exist or not,

Take out time, share from your allocated quota, it is always a bliss and best gift to anyone, life is volatile, more you share more you enjoy, at the end as Bhagwad Gita said" Just as in this body the ( embodied) Self passes through childhood, youth and old age, so does HE pass into another body, the wise person does not get deluded about this"

Stay blessed

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