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Medical Astrology

Connect to Future Health

Rediscovering the amazing benefits of Medical Astrology through knowledgeable and expert astrologers who have proficiency in predicting health related issues based on horoscopes.

Known as Medical Astrology by our forefathers, men of letters and healers, is an association of human health with that of planetary positions,


Medical Astrology is an initiative from Spiritual Veda, to connect Vedic science and knowledge of Vedas, astrology and human body to help human in identifying their medical prospective ailments or diseases (specially terminal ones), a tentative idea what might arrive,

Spiritual Veda Foundation has taken up the task of reviving this age old wisdom through Vedic knowledge and Vedas in the wake of increased statistics in almost all diseases, specially terminal illness, despite so many advances in medicine and surgery.

We can help and guide you for healthy and happy life, which you can enjoy with your loved ones in much better way,

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