Meditate like Shiva

Peace-Sync your mind, body and soul

As per Shiva Purana, Maha Shiva in time before time sermon a mantra of His form, the first word originated from Maha Shiva was Omkar (AUM or ॐ), which is the realization of Shiva form, the universal sound

A is a representation of created universe, U is a representation of vibrations that preserve and hold the universe while M is a representation of destructive energy or vibration, the end is new beginning and the dot are transition to that beginning,

AUM or ॐ creates, preserve and destroy means chanting creates positive energy and vibrations, it preserve the energy and vibration created and finally destroys all negative energy and vibration, is the power of AUM or ॐ,

Feel free to connect with our Meditation guide and sync your soul for eternal peace.

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Life is a symphony and symphony

can only be heard when we learn

to connect, to realize oneself one must try to control the unnecessary use of senses on materialistic objects,

Restrain the mind from unnecessary thoughts when we have actually achieved

The Power of Aum

As per Vedas, Aum exists in the supreme space, it is a eternal vibration which manifested everything, sync and balance in your mind, body and soul, Close your eyes for 10 seconds, listen


AUM or ॐ creates, preserve and destroy means chanting creates positive energy and vibrations,

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